In recent years, the company has strictly implemented the relevant laws and regulations of the Environmental Protection Law and the Environmental Impact Assessment Law and the requirements of the “three simultaneous” acceptance system for environmental protection and has formulated a relatively complete environmental management system and a perfect environmental management system with specialized personnel. The plant waste-water and waste gas shall be collected and treated in a unified manner, and all environmental protection treatment facilities shall operate normally and be discharged to a stable standard. The company carries out production, quality control, and environmental management according to the requirements of environmental management system and quality management system, and applies for “water withdrawal permit”, “urban drainage permit” and “sewage permit” on time, and regularly reports environmental protection operation information.

 Waste Water 

The company has a set of the sewage treatment plant and a set of the water treatment system. The sewage treatment adopts the treatment process of “anaerobic + biological contact oxidation”. After the production and domestic wastewater are treated in the wastewater treatment system, it can be recycled for production. The company insists on distinguishing clearing and diverting water, diverting rain and sewage, and recycling the wastewater after recycling.

 Exhaust Gas 

The company emits high-altitude after the process of exhaust gas passed through the water spray. The exhaust gas is discharged after treatment by adopting (SNCR+ SCR) combined denitration and comprehensive desulfurization and dust removal (the bag type adsorption desulfurization purification device + the suction bag dust collector of inertial internal filter compartment), and the flue gas online monitoring device is installed at the total exhaust port of the boiler flue gas, and is connected with the environmental protection department.

 Solid Waste 

The company collects and separates the solid waste generated in the production process and strengthens management to prevent secondary pollution. For domestic garbage, it shall be handed over to the sanitation department for clearing and handling, and for hazardous waste, it shall be entrusted with qualified units for disposal.