Create values for customers

Timely After-sales Service

For domestic market, we have a group of technical staffs based in Guangdong, Fujian, Zhejiang and Jiangsu to provide timely on-site technical supports for customers.

For the international market, our technical staffs will visits abroad regularly to provide relevant technical support. And they can provide immediate on-site technical support according to customer needs.

Lab for fabric sample defects analysis

The lab is set up for helping customers analyze and find out the causes of fabric defects.

Application Testing Center

The Application Testing Center is mainly responsible for grading and judging the quality of spandex products, testing the final spandex products, providing equipment and technical support for the development, improvement, and application of spandex products, providing analysis data and testing reports for the company's market development and product promotion, timely providing technical services to customers, providing quality improvement directions for the company's products, and making them more in line with customer needs, Stick to the market.