Eco-setting Spandex *(The Developing Product)

With high heat setting efficiency, the heat setting temperature of its fabric can be low to 130¡æ. Suitable for combining with heat sensitive fibers for elastic fabric development. Also it helps to prevent the sublimating problems of disperse dyes under high heat setting temperature and color contaminate, which can increase the pattern clarity of polyester yarn-dyed elastic fabric. Compared with melt-spining spandex, eco-setting spandex remains adequate elasticity and has stable performance and allows wider range of heat setting temperature.

Producct superiority
  • High heat setting efficiency

  • Stable performance

  • Adequate easticity

  • Saving energy consumption

  • Allow winder range of heat setting temperature


1.Suitable for fibers that are sensitive to high heat setting temperature.(e.g.PP fiber, eco-friendly PLA fiber)

2.Suitable for high-grade polyester yarn-dyed elastic fabric.

Spandex yarn heat-setting efficiency comparison

Allow wider range of heat setting temperature

The melt spinning spandex is totally melted after 130¡æheat setting process. The spandex yarn lose its strength and the performance become unstable, which will easily cause fabric width fluctuation.
Appearance comparison of polyester yarn-dyed elastic fabric

Black disperse dyes will sublimate under high heat setting temperature and contaminate adjoining white yarns which makes the fabric looks yellowish.