Huafon Chemical Showcased Innovative Material Solutions at ISPO Shanghai 2023
Publish Date£º2023-07-11   Hit£º
In the post-pandemic era, outdoor sports and active lifestyles have become increasingly popular as the pent-up energy has been unleashed. People are seeking adventure, embracing nature, and pursuing a healthier way of life.

Recognizing this growing trend, Huafon has developed its innovative material solutions and presented at ISPO Shanghai 2023 earlier this week. Its Qianxi high-performance spandex, functional spandex, and eco-friendly spandex perfectly address the demands of activities such as yoga, cycling, and more.

The showcased materials not only provided exceptional elasticity, comfort, and performance but also featured sustainability: the Qianxi recycled spandex uses up to 100% post-industrial recycled material and thus reduces the carbon emissions by 72.4%. Huafon has also developed bio-based spandex with over 76% bio-based content, which largely reduces the use of non-renewable energy. Huafon¡¯s commitment to eco-friendly practices aligns with the rising environmental consciousness in the sports industry, enabling sports enthusiasts to enjoy their activities while minimizing the environmental impact.