Huafon Chemical won the Procter & Gamble 2022 External Business Partner Excellence Award
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On January 6, Huafon Chemical received the Procter & Gamble ¡®External Business Partner Excellence Award¡¯ in the baby care category. Huafon Chemical was awarded for its ¡®outstanding support by showing performance excellence in 5 key areas of Commercial, Operational, Relationship and Citizenship¡¯, after becoming a global supplier of P&G for just over a year.

P&G is a leading global company specializing in personal care and hygiene products. To ensure the quality of its products, P&G has stringent requirements on suppliers, including supply capacity, product quality, production management, and quality management. It also conducts strict audits on toxic and hazardous substances.

To join the supplier list of P&G, Huafon Chemical has been striving to improve its technology and management. According to the hygienic product management requirements, Huafon Chemical has carried out a thorough transformation of the entire production process from polymerization, to spinning, packaging, and storage. For example, Huafon implements strict cleaning standards and requires dust-free for the hygienic product workshop. Also, in order to meet P&G¡¯s requirements on hundreds of audit items, all employees were devoted to removing the non-conformities and achieved conformance in four months.

At the end of 2021, Huafon Chemical passed the P&G QAKE management evaluation and officially became a supplier of P&G. Qianxi Spandex of Huafon Chemical was recognized by P&G for its quality, sales, and service. Over the last year, Huafon Chemical has also achieved great breakthroughs and become a partner with many world-famous hygiene product brands, with the number of production lines and the sales volume doubled.