"Colored Spandex Filament" is successfully released
Publish Date£º2021-11-24   Hit£º   Author£ºMayr

It is reported that the Zhejiang Manufacturing Standard: Colored Spandex Filament T / ZZB 2535-2021, formulated by Huafon Chemical Co., Ltd., has been officially released and implemented.

This is the second Zhejiang Manufacturing Standard formulated by Huafon Chemical after the release of Chlorine Resistant Spandex Filament.The standard puts forward stricter requirements for the production and inspection of colored spandex filaments from the four aspects of excellent quality, independent innovation, industrial coordination and social responsibility,improves the industry manufacturing standard and expands the brand effect of"Made in Zhejiang".

Huafon Chemical takes the "Made in Zhejiang" standard as an important measure for enterprises to improve their manufacturing level, which can stimulate the innovation driving potential of the company, increase the application of new technologies, new methods and new ideas, and expand the sustainable competitive advantage of the company.