Enterprise Scale & Strength

Huafon Chemical possesses the biggest single-entity production factory in the world. The scale and batch mode of production has ensured the high cost-performance of products and provided customers with a stable and sufficient supply of goods and considerate technical service.

Excellent Qualities

The advanced technological process and product facility as well as smart process-control system have guaranteed the superiority and stability of the products quality.

Strict Management

ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO10012, OHSAS 18001 management systems have been applied to promote an excellent performance management mode so as to build information and routing of the modern enterprise management system.

Flexible Adaptability

Relying on the policy of VIP customization and the strength of R&D and production line advantage, the company can meet the individualized requirements of customers.

Quick Service

Based on the mechanism of private enterprise, the marketing & service network all over China as well as the sole-funded Turkish sales company in the Eurasian textiles core region can provide the domestic and overseas customers with flexible, swift and reliable services.